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My professional services

Made-to-measure consultancy ...

... and facilitation require fine tuning among the partners, whether for the purpose of planning or implementing a project, of change in a team or an organization, or of individual development. Sometimes this includes dealing constructively with conflicts in difficult hierarchical constellations.


Have you ever wished for a neutral and independent "sparring partner" with whom you can reflect your professional actions in the face of crisis or of particularly great challenges? I would like to help you find answers to professional and personal questions. We will form a team of partners: while you act as specialist for the solutions that are to be worked out I provide guidance and support as specialist for the methods of finding solutions.

Consultancy to teams and projects

Successful teamwork relies on the different competences of the team members as well as on clarity of goals, resources and structures, on commitment, appreciation and trust. I would like to support you in achieving an appropriate balance for yourself and your team or project group. In your role as project manager, I support you in mastering not only the technical but also the organizational and, above all, the human complexity in your project.

Supervision for in-house counselors

As an in-house counselor you sometimes need time and space for the structured reflection of your work together with other people. By means of professionally designed consultation and facilitation, I enable collegial groups of consultants to discuss constructively cases of practice for the further development of their professional activities.

Training in the science sector

The science sector includes multiple sub-organizations and complex networks of cooperation under regimes of peculiar hierarchical arrangements and incentives. To perform and to navigate successfully in this sector there is a growing demand for professionalism beyond traditional dealings with research, lecturing, management and administration. My current offers in English language are:

  • Power games and micropolitical competence in academia
    Interactive lecture (2 hours) / workshop (1 to 1,5 days)
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  • Rules of the game in academia
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We will form a team of partners:

As coach, consultant or trainer I always take the specific context of your organization into consideration.

Situationally I draw on a rich pool of methods: client-centered communication, creative techniques and reflective exercises may be matched with qualitative interviews, interactive analysis of situations and conveying relevant theoretical background. In addition I facilitate system constellations, group work and peer-to-peer consulting.

As an overture to our possible cooperation I offer you a confidential conversation without commitment on your part.